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Our volunteers:

‘I believe in being an active citizen in order to make positive change in our society. I am a volunteer for Freedom Runners, an organization that believes in using sport to tackle health and humanitarian issues promoting volunteerism. I hope to use my passion and leadership skills to support BTV in supporting women and raising awareness around domestic violence.’

My name is Aya Edrees 
I am studying medical laboratory sciences at Hebron university
Short interview with Aya

Yousef Jumah, Translator

‘I have a master’s degree in Social Studies from Germany. I currently working at Hebron University as an English lecturer. Also, I am working on a book about the middle east and West and how they perceive each other.

I want to be part of the positive change in my society, especially on gender issues. Many cases in the last years made me more determined to participate in programs that support women and their rights. I hope that there will be a major shift in how we treat women and to end this terrible problem.’

Social Media Training

Voices Without Borders got off to a strong start with this year’s Palestine youth participants. Twelve young men and women came together and were trained in social media use whilst discussing women’s rights and the feminist movement in Palestine.

Thank you, Haneen, for presenting on your feminist blog!

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BTV Palestine 2019 Report

Read our report for details on the project and its outcomes: