BREXIT, Donald Trump, fake news, far-right extremism and terrorism are all part of our young peoples’ reality.

Schools now have a duty to ‘actively promote’ the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. Our programmes are bespoke and ideal for Primary & Secondary schools as well as community groups.

Become The Voice CIC uses a combination critical thinking and identity building workshops, alongside tackling the difficult yet pertinent issues of today, to deliver programmes that build resilience to extremism and help to build a more cohesive and tolerant community.

BASICS | Primary Schools

A strong sense of identity, belonging and mutual respect and tolerance builds resilience to extremist narratives. Since 2015 it has become a legal obligation on schools to instill British values and incorporate safeguarding against extremism into their safeguarding processes.

Through the packages we offer primary schools our specialist in counter-extremism and interfaith youth worker deliver a series of workshops that build in the participants a sense of identity, sense of belonging, critical thinking, awareness of British values and identification with them.

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BASICS & EXPERIENCED | Secondary Schools and Community Groups

Our activist programmes equip, enable and empower young people to become the voice that challenges hate online. Schools and community groups can opt for a single-issue (shorter) programme or multi-issue programme.
Our programmes rely on experts in their fields, local organisations and people with personal experiences of the forms of extremism discussed. They involve social media training and support to create a campaign that will be used to increase the level of positive content online and tackle hate.

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EXPERIENCED | Interfaith

Having the opportunity to ask questions, encounter other beliefs and experience different faith communities whilst being guided by trained dialogue facilitators is a key component of our interfaith programmes.

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