Woman In Hebron (WIH) and Become The Voice have collaborated to produce these unique and beautiful statement bracelets.

The creation of these bracelets has given work to seamstresses living in Hebron that are either divorced, widowed or facing economic difficulties.

BTV believes in power of economic independence of women being key in forwarding their rights. Independent women gives greater freedom to independent minds. So we have combined supporting women economically with our core activism work.

The statements have been selected by Palestinian women rights activists and read either: ‘freedom from honour’ or ‘my body my property.’

All profits from the bracelets are going towards programmes in Palestine that tackle domestic violence (in particular Voices Without Borders, Palestine).

Freedom from honour

Honour culture is the thinking that women carry the families’ reputation and any damage the woman causes to this reputation (through unacceptable behaviour or disobedience) should be resolved by punishing them in order to restore the honour. Honour culture in Palestine has lead to 18 women being killed at the hands of their families this year. Tackling this way of thinking is paramount in making women’s lives safer.

My body my property

The thinking in Palestine that a woman is the property of her family or, if married, her husband has devastating effects on the lives of women:

  • Over 60% of men think that violence in the home is acceptable.
  • Rape within a marriage is not legally or socially considered rape.
  • Often large dowries are demanded by the brides’ families.
  • Women do not inherit equally to their male relatives.
  • Women do not have the same freedom to travel and work.

The bracelet ‘My body is my property’ is standing in solidarity with women in Palestine but also it is a statement relevant globally. Domestic violence is a global issue. Many cultures demand women should be under male guardianship, should not work once married and have a dowry price when they marry.

The bracelets are available in blue with white writing, red with white writing, blue with green writing and red with green writing.

Thank you for your support! For bracelets in blue and green and red and white please contact us directly at becomethevoice@gmail.com