‘Us v Them’ Becomes ‘We’

Across the globe we have seen a change in the political climate, steadily edging towards the right with a now frightening level of anti-immigration rhetoric used by leading politicians which influences communities far beyond their political sphere. Including but not limited to POTUS No 45: When he proposed to build Read more…


Speaking positively into the void

With the rise of digital and social media we have the same opportunities to speak up as radical groups do. We too, can fill the void. We can step into public space and counter negativity and disregard for human life with positive messages and counter narratives.


What we are about

BECOME THE VOICE  provides a direct response to the ever increasing level of hate online.

BECOME THE VOICE at its very core enables young people to speak out collectively and effectively on issues that they themselves have identified as relevant to them. That includes human rights issues, hate speech and how they can be met with effective communication using a range of tools and platforms.