BECOME THE VOICE  provides a direct response to the ever increasing level of hate online.

With hate speech and extremist content on the rise there is a distinct lack of positive content to counteract destructive narratives. A positive sense of identity and belonging is threatened where communities are segregated by misinformation, bigotry and racism. In order to reaffirm our identity as a cohesive and multicultural society hate and intolerance need to be met with an understanding of who we are, where we have come from and what unites us.


BECOME THE VOICE aims to counter hate by flooding the online space with positive messaging of shared values. Participation will build an increased sense of identity of self and an understanding of the other. Common ground and shared values among fractured groups and isolated individuals will be highlighted and built upon.

BECOME THE VOICE at its very core enables young people to speak out collectively and effectively on issues that they themselves have identified as relevant to them. That includes human rights issues, hate speech and how they can be met with effective communication using a range of tools and platforms.

Ultimately resilience, understanding and positive ways to counter hate and racism online as well as in real life will grow among the participants. BECOME THE VOICE will make a lasting change in their perception of self (identity) and their ability to make their voice heard – which in turn will positively impact upon their communities and create a sense of belonging.


BECOME THE VOICE CIC looks to be a leader in speaking positively into the void; follow us on social media (Facebook or Twitter) and join in the conversation!

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