Ruba Fares Al Omur, 19 years old, born in Jerusalem. She spent time living in Germany. Ruba is studying English at university and wants to become a teacher.

What do you think is the biggest problem facing women in Palestine?

‘There are many problems facing women in Palestine, I will mention them in the form of points:

  1. The customs and traditions here limit the women’s work to the home and the care of children. There may be some restrictions on the movement of women from the village to the city where customs and traditions restrict women to work within the vicinity of their village or city. On the personal level, my family offers me a lot of support to get out of the circle of adherence to customs and traditions; therefore I am allowed to travel outside of Hebron and to be an active member of the community.
  2. Palestinian women have a minor role in politics and economy compared to other countries.
  3. The Israeli policy of occupation against Palestinian women, such as restricting the movement of women through the policy of checkpoints on the borders of towns and villages. The frequency of arresting women and placing them in Israeli prisons, where many Israeli soldiers target women in particular.’

What do you like about BECOME THE VOICE?  

‘I am urged to be an active individual in society. It strengthens many skills such as using communication tools better and using them to positively influence others for change.

Where I find my pleasure to be a voice changer the beauty of become the voice is that you discover many points in your personality that you didn’t realize were there. I feel stronger, more confident and more passionate.’

What would you like to achieve with BECOME THE VOICE?

‘I want to be a positive influence and  have the drive to be a change maker. I want to change negative perceptions of Islam and Arab life as well as challenge negative interpretations of Islam. I want to spread peace in every way; to be a beautiful colour in this life.’

Thank you, Ruba.