Marwa Mahmoud Aizamareh, 19, studies English and teaching. I hope to be a teacher and one day visit the UK.

What do you think is the biggest problem facing women in Palestine?

As Palestinians the greatest problem we face is the occupation but for women in particular there are other issues. Women face problems finding or even being permitted to work, some husbands and/or parents prevent women from working.

What do you like about BECOME THE VOICE?

What I really like about BTV is that we get to visit many places and do many activities which opens our minds and builds our confidence. I feel empowered to use my voice.’

What would you like to achieve with BECOME THE VOICE?

I would like to be heard to say to all women: ‘Don’t stop fighting for what you want to be; make your dreams true.’ We are a big force in this world so we will #BecomeTheVoice

Thank you, Marwa.