Hiba Al-Sharahaa, 20 years old, from Hebron. Studying nursing, wants to be an academic.


What do you think is the biggest problem facing women in Palestine?

‘The biggest struggles that women face in Palestine are stemming from cultural norms that oblige women to fit certain roles and refuse them many freedoms. Women are not aware enough of their rights and do not realize that these things are not religiously mandatory.’

What would you like to achieve with BECOME THE VOICE?

‘Through BTV I ‘d like to become a voice for freedom and human rights especially women rights. I want to be more aware of injustices and to become a stronger voice. #womenarenotdolls

I hope to achieve a positive reinforcement of my voice from BECOME THE VOICE to fight for women’s rights. I want to work towards achieving equal rights for women across the globe.’

Thank you, Hiba.