My name is Aziza Rizk Mohammed Abu Aisheh, I am 19 years old, I study translation at Hebron University.

I am very pleased to join a team that cares and dedicates itself to human rights and I am really proud to be a BTV participant that is becoming a voice for change in this society.

There are some questions you’ve asked us, and here’s my answers 🙂

Why are you interested in women’s rights?

‘In fact I am very interested in women’s rights, because I am also a woman. In Palestine women are victims of society and some women have no boldness and force to demand their rights.’

What do you think is the biggest problem facing women in Palestine?

‘The reality of Palestinian society for women is centred around customs and traditions established by the ancestors.

One of the biggest problems faced by women in claiming their rights is the fear of violence against oneself for doing so.

Society can at times discourage the completion of education and impose marriage thus depriving women of their rights creating inequality between men and women.’

What do you like about BECOME THE VOICE?

‘BECOME THE VOICE is very active, we are trained in the use of social media and supported to push for change whilst receiving workshops in understanding the problems women face. We are all very enthusiastic and working hard! I hope to further progress in this wonderful work with BTV.’

Thank you, Aziza.