We sat down with #BTVPalestine participant Aseel R Bayyoud:

What do you think is the biggest problem facing women in Palestine?

‘In my opinion the biggest problem facing women here is that they are not treated well in their homes; by their parents or their husbands. That can lead to unfair treatment of their children and a cycle of violence begins.’

What do you like about BECOME THE VOICE?

‘What I really  love about #BecomeTheVoice is the social media training, because we’re not just talking about our ideas between ourselves but we are sharing them with the whole community. If we work effectively as a team, we are able to communicate well and reach lots of people. BTV helps us to be a power for change: Any idea we’ve had during a discussion, we can then spread online with the help and support from the team. We create conversations and stand our ground – together.

Also, on social media it’s completely free to be the voice and we can be fearless in expressing our honest opinion. It is really great to be given the ability and confidence to speak freely about what we’re really thinking, seeing and experiencing as Palestinian women.’

What would you like to achieve with BECOME THE VOICE?

‘Become the voice is a great opportunity for me to achieve many things. One of them is to raise the voice of every woman and help her to achieve what she wants from life.’

Thank you, Aseel.