Written by Abi Dare – book review by Ben Sturt

This is a story about courage and determination in the face of a world that is set up against you.

Facing the world is Adunni, a young teenage girl from a village in Nigeria. Growing up, all she had ever wanted was an education. Adunni’s late mother also shared the desire for Adunni to go to school. When Adunni’s mother passed away, Adunni’s father promised her that he would ensure that their daughter went to school. However, the family’s situation worsened. They had no money, which prompted Adunni’s father to take her out of school and organise an arranged marriage for her with a rich man. Alongside the wealthy man’s two other wives, Adunni is abused and forced to complete chores around the house. It proves to be a world away from her dream to get educated.

The task in-front of Adunni seems an impossible one: to escape a world of hardship and persecution in order to pursue her dream. In her attempts to throw off the shackles, Adunni suffers many setbacks along the way. The road to freedom is not an easy one. She meets a whole plethora of people; some offering a helping hand, and others who seek to take advantage of her once more. However, in the face of adversity, Adunni holds onto the one constant that has remained with her throughout her life; her and her mother’s wish for Adunni to be educated. This enduring goal, despite everything, ensures Adunni keeps persevering.

And then there is a glimmer of hope…

…The question is, can Adunni seize the opportunity?

The Girl With The Louding Voice by Abi Dare is a bestseller and is a must read for anyone seeking an inspiring story of chasing a dream. The main character, Adunni, is a strong and persistent female lead, who is determined to achieve her goal in the face of a world that is quite literally set up against her. Adunni’s story exemplifies the very human struggle of millions of women and girls across the world who are born into a system and culture that works against them. The book also highlights the struggles of poverty and the impossible situations facing families and individuals as a result of their financial predicament. A lesson that all can take from the book is to not take education for granted. Education should be a right, yet, this is tragically not afforded to millions across the globe. Adunni’s struggle displays the lengths some are willing to go to in order to grasp an education.

Above all, The Girl With the Louding Voice is a story of hope. Adunni is an immensely strong character, who shows an abundance of perseverance. In fact, Adunni tries to find humour in the struggle, showing her wit and charm. Travel along with Adunni on her journey in the first person, as she attempts to grasp a new language; be there every step of the way. And, most of all, be inspired.

Whatever your struggle may be, you can find inspiration in Adunni’s tirelessness to achieve her dream.

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