Mazen Alzaro is a Palestinian advocate and a specialized trainer in the art of debate. His leitmotife is to leave an influential fingerprint everywhere to achieve the change we seek!

He is interested in youth and women empowerment. He has worked a

nd volunteered with many national and international institutions, such as University of Virginia, Legal clinics at Hebron university, British Council and International Debate Education Association “IDEA”. Mazen won the title of the best debater in Palestine 2014. Since then, he has trained hundreds of Palestinian youth in the art of debating and conducted hundreds of public debates creating a platform for youth in order to make their voice heard. Mazen uses his debating to challenge traditional and prejudicial thinking, including tackling extremism and gender inequality.

Mazen is now completing a masters degree in International law here in the UK.

P.S. He is also an Imam and muezzin!

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