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Voices Without Borders

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Equipping, empowering and enabling young people to affect change within their communities.

Resilience & Community Cohesion

Fake news, extremist narratives and radicalisation. All linked and all come together to pose a risk to our youth. Our programmes are designed to foster resilience with the aim to create more cohesive societies.

Interfaith Encounters

Building bridges that don't crumble and strengthen resilience within the local community - bringing together people from different walks of life, people of all faiths and none. Because all good things start with dialogue.

We are committed to help and support  people to become the voice – to effect change that not only positively impacts their communities but also equips and empowers the individuals.

We are a small team of experienced trainers in the field of tackling extremism, gender based issues, facilitating interfaith dialogue and using debate to challenge prejudicial thinking. We offer a range of youth and community programmes, staff safeguarding training, specialist advice and support.

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19, Studies translation

"BECOME THE VOICE is very active, we are trained in the use of social media and supported to push for change whilst receiving workshops in understanding the problems women face."



19, studies English

"'I want to be a positive influence and  have the drive to be a change maker. I want to change negative perceptions of Islam and Arab life as well as challenge negative interpretations of Islam."



19, studies teaching

"I would like to be heard to say to all women: 'Don't stop fighting for what you want to be; make your dreams true.’ We are a big force in this world so we will #BecomeTheVoice"

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#SAVA2020 in Exeter

Sexual Abuse and Violence Awareness (SAVA) Week had powerfully moving events and opened up some really proactive and encouraging discussions around issues of sexual violence in Exeter, as well as across the UK.